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  • ExploIndia LLP. is the “Business” as “Multi-Services & Multi Income Platform” ExploIndia has been created as a conceptual vision to provide cost-effective services and to reduce the economic burden from a common People. This vision is consistent and will remain to make us most customer-centric.Through online booking,offline booking,direct selling,through a dealer network,consultants,bonafide commission agents,franchisee and associates.
  • Any services package,the amount will be claimed in the form of services only according to the packages and it is neither refundable nor returnable in any circumstances.
  • Once services selected in-service package can’t be changed/exchanged in the future in any circumstances.
  • You agree to accept to do the sales and marketing of the services and service packages of ExploIndia Multi Services LLP at your own will without any wrong commitment or force from Executive of ExploIndia Multi Services LLP.
  • In the event of any disagreement or dispute between ExploIndia and the associate regarding the materiality of any matter including of any event, occurrence, circumstance,change,fact,information, document,authorisation,proceeding,act, incentive,claims,breach,default or otherwise, the opinion of ExploIndia as to the materiality of any of the foregoing shall be final and binding on the associate.
  • Only ONE (1) Association per person is permitted.if the Management finds that the Associate has joined more than once, the management reserves the right to cancel all Associateships without any reimbursement/refund.
  • To become an associate of ExploIndia a person must be referred by any active Associate of ExploIndia.
  • ExploIndia can block or cancel your account anytime if Management found that you are violating our Terms & conditions, or you are involved in a spanning or any negative activity.
  • ExploIndia Multi Services LLP reserves the right to update, modify, add or change the Terms & conditions and policy without any prior notice.
  • If the Associate is not active for 60 days without intimation,then the Associateship will be blocked without any further notice to avoid any malafide use of the id.However,it can be unblocked on written application or mail request from associate to management.
  • Exploindia reserves the right to refuse all services without any reimbursement to any Associate violating rules and regulations of the company or abusing their Association privilege or found that Associate has provided any false details at the time of the Association.
  • The Nominee is accessed to work only if the associate gets approval from the company after submitting the required documents.
  • Only active associates are eligible for passive income.
  • If the associate is using purchasing the service from any service package, then he/she won’t be eligible to earn the incentives for that particular service.(only in case of self purchase or consumption).
  • According to the policy, The company is not committing any fixed salary on any service packages,work is totally based on an incentive basis,Association with the company does not imply any employment or related term with the company.
  • ExploIndia is not responsible or liable for any false information on any websites, Mass Emails, Link Advertisements Banner Ads, Bulk SMS or any other marketing services period to client. Your requested to validate the information from alternative source before taking any actions.
  • Once the Individual Account Created At ExploIndia cannot be Cancelled. However, it can be In-activated from the company on written request from associate without any Reimbursement /Refund.


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